Warriors-Cats Of All Clans


Do you dare have what it takes to enter the world of the Warriors? Yes? Don't be so sure of yourself. If you have the courage, might, and loyalty, prove it. 

In a cats point of view, not humans.

1.  Why do you choose to stay in the forest?
a) I'm a great warrior, I can't just leave!
b)   Because I have things to for fill.
c) Cats to murder.... 
d)  Other cats depend on me! I'm not going anywhere!

2. What are your traits?
a) Loyal, determined, caring.
b) Kinda shy, quiet, and athletic.
c)  Dark, mysterious, and kinda shy.
d) I dunno. I'm just...me.

3.What do you do best?
a) Hunt.
b)  Defend myself and others!
c)  Track other cats and prey.
d) Swim like a fish!

Send your answers to me in an Inbox when you have finished. I will then tell you what clan you will be in.

I wish you luck on your long, hard journey and I hope you do your best. May StarClan be with you.