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Windclan Warrior


Gender: Male



Body type: Thin and lithe, a little small for a tom his age.

Eye colour: Violet

Coat: Silky, somewhat tousled, silver fur.



Ice is quiet and doesn't seem to talk much or speak his mind but inside he is passionate about what he believes in, though it doesn't show until he's in an argument.

Ice doesn't have much self confidence and doesn't think very highly of himself but, oddly, it annoys him to no end when anyone treats him like he's worthless and knows nothing.

Ice gets confused by emotions a lot and doesn't really like getting close to other cats, he sleeps far away from the others at the doorway to the Warriors den, not minding the cold draft.

Quick fact: Ice doesn't enjoy being touched, he isn't used to it since he lived alone most of his life. But when he is touched he suddenly freezes up or flips out.



Ice was abandoned as a youngster and lived alone through his kit hood until he was eight moons old. At that time, he was found by a Windclan patrol when he strayed into their territory accidentally. He never took a warrior name, even though he was accepted into the clan, and other cats tease him a lot because of his loner roots and his name.


Family: Unkown


Mate: None





Rank: Leader


Gender: Male



Body type:'Lean but well muscled with long legs.

Eye colour: A very light, icy blue that looks silver.

Coat: Thick, jet black with a silver tail tip.



Twilightstar is quite bright but can be a little proud which makes it hard for him to accept defeat easily.

He is kind and pretty easygoing but he takes his leadership role seriously so don't expect any sympathy if you get into trouble.

He usually is in high spirits so he can always keep his clan hopeful even in the darkest times.


History: When he just became deputy, the leader suddenly became ill and passed away.

He had only been the deputy for one moon before he became leader but he got the hang of it pretty quickly.

He is the youngest known cat to ever become a leader.

Quick fact: Twilightstar's original name was Twilightclaw.


Family: Unknown


Mate: None.

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